dt pro O upgrading database

I have a database with my financial details in pdf format.

I tried to upgrade an old database to new 2 format and i noted this:

Exporting 614 items
Importing 562 items

I don’t know what kind of object weren’t imported but i would like to know so i can hunt why they aren’t imported.

The Log (Window > Log) may still contain a list of items that were not captured. However, the difference in numbers of items doesn’t necessarily indicate a problem, especially if you use Sheets.

It was a paste of the log window :slight_smile:

It doesn’t say wich one aren’t imported. But yes, i used some sheets so i think you’re right.

It’s frustrating don’t know if the new database is a reliable copy of old one :frowning:

I noted that the old one was 86,2Mb and the new one is 68,6.
It’s a big gap.

It’s not unusual for the file size of a version 2 database to be significantly smaller than the file size of a version 1 database that holds the same content.

That’s because in version 1 some filetypes including text, HTML, XML and WebArchive are stored in the monolithic database, and so are also included in each of the internal backups within the database.

In a version 1 database that holds the default 3 internal backups, that means that there are four copies of each of the filetypes noted above, but only one copy in a version 2 database.

So, roughly, a 100 KB rich text file would require 400 KB storage space in a version 1 database, but only 100 KB in a version 2 database.

Unfortunately i am now unable to check for backups of the old database so i can’t confirm nor deny.

Log windows don’t display any failure in the importing process so i hope it’s gone all well.

Thank you bill, new DT is great.

The Log window logs all im/export failures. Therefore the difference is caused by sheets - each sheet is now one document whereas in v1.x it was kind of a group containing lots of records.

The sizes of the database package on the other hand aren’t comparable (due to the different file format, number of backups, optimized or not etc.)