DT Pro office 1.5 crashing on Leopard

I am running DTPro Office 1.5 on Leopard OS X 10.5.2.
The applictions are running fine but i am having a problem in deleting a folder containing some pdf documents in one of the databases. Every time I am clicking ‘delete’ button, the application is quitting and I am having to relaunch DTPro only to find that those items are still there in the database. I have tried restarting the OS and DTPro, repairing disc permissions but nothing seems to be helping. Very annoying indeed! Please could anyone suggest something for this problem. Many thanks in advance.

I never ran into this problem, but maybe if you deleted all the PDFs in the database first, then the folder containing it’d be a workaround for now.

Not sure if you tried this or not.

Please verify & repair the database. If that shouldn’t fix the problem, a rebuild definitely will.

Yes ‘verifying and repairing’ the database has helped! Many thanks. I wonder if you could tell me about the rebuild function. Does it alter the whole architecture of the database?

Rebuild retains the organization of the database.

Think of Rebuild as exporting all the contents of the database, including information about the organization and all metadata, and then importing the data into a “new” database with the same name. In so doing, the Log file (Tools > Log) will report any documents that failed to make it into the new database, perhaps because of file corruption. It’s a good idea to save the Log report after a Rebuild, so that any lost content can be recovered by other means.

I recommend that before running Rebuild the user make a copy of the current database, which can be useful in many cases to help recover items that may not make it through the Rebuild operation and are identified in the Log. For example, one can return to the copy of the database before Rebuild, Lookup (from the saved copy of the Log) a document that failed rebuild and try to make a good version of it that can then be added back to the Rebuilt database copy. For example, a damaged HTML or WebArchive file can often be recovered by using it’s URL from the Info file to make a new, uncorrupted copy that can be exported, then imported into the Rebuilt database. Or a word processing file may be recoverable if it’s parent application can successfully open it and save a viable new copy.

IMPORTANT: Always quit DEVONthink or close the database before a copy of a database is made in the Finder. Copying an open database may result in errors.

I make a point of running Scripts > Export > Backup Archive periodically, especially when I’ve been making significant changes to the database and don’t want to wait for a scheduled backup. I usually do this at a convenient break time. When I return, the database has been verified, optimized and has current internal and external backups. The resulting external archive is compressed and dated, and is great for use as a backup file for storage on external media, perhaps at an offsite location. Belt & Suspenders question: What would happen if your hard drive failed, your computer equipment were stolen, or your house burns down? Have you lost all of your data?