DT Pro Office as server in a LAN-environment without Bonjour


we would like to use DT Pro Office in our local Linux-based network to store pdfs and to make them available for those who do not use a Mac. Unfortunately, our administrator is not fond of the idea to implement the Zeroconf-Protocol (aka Bonjour). So, I can start the server on my Mac but the other PCs on the network cannot find it. Are there any possibilities to access the server with other means than via Bonjour?
Any suggestion is much appreciated.

Speaking of the server capability of DT Pro Office: I think it is a great idea (for possibilities like the scenario sketched above), but it could get better. For example, there is no “see similar” link for search results, which is strange because it is one of the strengths of DT. Even Google has this feature. I hope this is due for future revisions?!


The standard URL of the server is displayed in the Preferences > Server pane after starting the server, e.g. “http://mymac.local:8080”. This link is also clickable.

If the other PCs can’t access this URL, then check your local IP and try a URL like

Thank you for your quick reply. However, neither the local name nor the IP address worked. I have even tried several other port numbers, but without success. Do I have to enter a very specific port number?

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You might enter a dedicated port number to simplify testing of course (e.g. 8080). Afterwards ensure that this port isn’t blocked by a firewall.

Even when I disable the firewall on my Mac completely, the PC still cannot connect to it. What else could I try?


It might be related to routers/proxies/firewalls but it’s impossible to figure this out from over here. But a capable admin should be able to fix this, IMHO.