DT Pro Office--perform OCR on rtfd PDF attachments??

I’m rather new to DT but enjoying it!
I’ve used the forum search here frequently but can’t find an answer to this one.

I’m converting (mostly) from MacJournal to DT.
I have a bunch of exported MacJournal entries which are .rtfd files
which are rich text format with PDF attachments.

Essentially, each .rtfd file is small amounts of typed text describing a PDF file which appears visually directly below.

The .rtfd files imported perfectly into DT, and I can see the scrollable PDF documents perfectly inside my .rtfd files.

And I can double click each PDF to open the PDF in preview.

But these PDFs are not searchable inside of DT.
In other words, DT can’t look ‘inside’ the PDF at the textual content
the way it can for ‘normal’ PDFs which I drag into DT from the finder (the ones which are classified at ‘PDF+text’)

I can see from the Finder that these PDF files are definitely stored inside the DT database,
[see attached screenshot] but I can’t select the actual PDF files in any way inside of DT.
I only can view them inside the rtfd document–or view in Preview by double clicking on them.

Is there any way to force DT to search these PDF attachments to the rtfd files?

I can reimport the PDFs by hand, but that will be long chore.


No, you will need to separate the PDFs from the rich text files in order to search or OCR them. I’ll leave it up to the scripting gurus as to whether that could be automated.

Thanks, Bill, for the quick response!

– Charles