DT Pro Office - Web server issue


I have just purchased DT Pro Office and I am feeling quite happy with it.
So far I discovered one issue with built-in web server (what a killer feature!): it simply crashes (together with whole app) on empty search query.

Is there any chance to get this fixed soon?

Thank you for the bug report, the next maintenance release will fix this.

Thanks for the fast response!

Can you give me a clue when I can expect such release?

The only thing I can say at the moment is that it won’t be released this month (but that’s no promise for next month of course :slight_smile:)

Hi once again!

Is there any chance to see fix for problem above anytime soon?

It’s keeps me annoying when I am entering a data and someone in my network accidentally clicks search without query string… :wink:


Temporary workaround: threaten other users on your network with a beating if they accidentally activate an “empty” query. Follow through if necessary. That should reduce crashes. :slight_smile: