DT Pro: Open database simultaneously on two computers

When trying to open a database located on a server which is already open by another user you get the message ‘Database already in use’ with the options ‘OK’ or ‘Ignore’. I found out that klicking ‘Ignore’ lets both users work with the database and do changes not affecting the work of the second user (e.g. deleting the file only on my computer). Is there any downside of using the ‘Ignore’ button? Or are there any important points I have to keep an eye on?
We have a huge database used by ten users and ideally (because time consuming) the database is located on a server and only has to be updated (synchronized) by the admin. After the update all users should have the new files when opening the database. I suppose this is rather a feature of the announced server version and not yet possible with DT Pro because if deleting a file is not visible on the computer of a second user then adding new files should also not be visible for the other users, right?

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This can damage the database and therefore please don’t do this! If you’re running Tiger on the server, then ignoring should actually be impossible.

But you could create a read-only copy of your database (e.g. by adapting the file privileges) which can be accessed by multiple users concurrently and the admin could update the original database.