DT Pro Output?

Hey Guys,
This is either glaringly obvious (and I’m missing it), or a pipe dream, and I"m not sure which.
After going through all of the trouble to collect and organize all of this information, is there a feature of DTPro where I can have it feed that information to a customer facing website?
I’m not really sure how else to ask this question but I feel like it’s pretty vague. I’m just curious to see if I can use the info in DT and package it up a little differently (online store of information for example) and upload it to my business website?
I hope I’m making sense.

Southpaw, there are lots of answers depending on what you want to do and how you want to do it.

You can always drag & drop material from your DT Pro database to whatever application you are using to produce your Web pages.

You can copy/paste material from your database to an application such as Pages 2.x and add formatting (if you want to produce good-looking PDF that retains the URLs and internal hyperlinks in your DT Pro RTF or RTFD material), or even HTML output from Pages 2.x that can be uploaded to your site.

Or take a look at the Tutorial Database, which can be transformed to a Web site by selecting the Welcome page and then selecting File > Export > as Website. That works beautifully, because the Tutorial database is organized with hyperlink navigation. Try it yourself, or see the HTML version embedded at http://www.devon-technologies.com/products/devonthink/tutorial.html. Of course, you can create an HTML version of any document(s) in your database by setting up something like a “first page” or TOC with navigational links to the other documents you want to include.

So there are many approaches through which you could supply supporting information on your Web site, whether you use PDF or HTML as your format. Of course you will need to provide links from your Home page or other page to the new material.

Thanks Bill,
Always a pleasure!
I will look into those options.