DT Pro Public beta?

I just purchased a license to DT PE and find it to be great for my purposes, but the descriptions of the Pro version here seem even more useful. As a beta tester for several other major apps, I’m used to signing NDA’s, etc. From all of the open discussion of DT Pro here in these forums, it seems like DT Pro must be in Public beta, but I don’t find a download link anywhere on the DT site. What is the current status of DT Pro? Can one download it from somewhere and talk about it freely?


it is not in public beta.

but, some of the longest term, most enthusiastic, and knowledgable users are beta testers.

if you want to be one, I would suggest that you should start with what you have and create a track record of identifying and reporting bugs in a useful and respectful way. this will not escape the attention of the developers, and if they feel they can make use of you in the development process, they will let you know.

Thanks for your reply. I’m well aware of the responsibilities of private beta testers and for better or worse I don’t have the time right now to justify (either to DT or my employer :slight_smile: trying to sign up as a private beta tester. As a newbie to the program and the forums, it is difficult – and occasionally frustrating – to read the constant references to features only available in the apparently not publicly available Pro version or to read an answer and not know to which version the responder is referring. My Pro “filter” is not sufficiently tuned yet!

Much as I like playing around with cool new software I’m happy to wait until a public beta to see whether I need/want to upgrade.


one factor that leads to the confusion is that the development process is focussed on a capable and reliable product. There were 33 alphas and 4 betas (so far). the testers get understandably confused about the capabilities of the public release that they haven’t used in so long.

however, users of the public release get hints of the new features and an assurance of a quality product. the testers just get another version to test. :confused:

No kidding. Since DT PE 1.6.x was released there’s more overlap with it and the DT Pro beta in ways I’m not aware of when reading certain posts here.

hello all.

new to devonthink. i’m enjoying the test run and will purchase it when the pro version comes out as i have too many images for the 10k limit.

is there an eta for the pro version? it says fall of 2004 on the site but that seems a bit off(?)

any info is greatly appreciated.

great app!


A public beta will be available right before or after Macworld SF.

cool. i haven’t even been able to give it a good test run… i have way to many files. looks promising though. i just need bottomless image quantities…
i’ll eagerly await the pro version…
any idea of the price point for it?

USD 75 (Upgrade from DT PE USD 35).

cool. thanks for the info!

I know I’m jumping the gun here, but I can not wait to get my grubby paws on the pro-edition. Any hints on a release date? Thanks again for the greatest program I never new I needed!

If only it could grammer check! Sorry.

Is Devon waiting for the release of OS-X Tiger before releasing DT Pro?

No. DT Pro will run under Panther and (I think) late versions of Jaguar, as well as under Tiger.

A later version will haver a restructured database to enable Spoltlight access to files that have been incorporated into DT.

From what is whispered around the web, Tiger might show up in a few weeks. Since the “on or around Macworld” public beta of DT Pro has not yet materialized, one could argue that, yes, technically Devon is waiting for Tiger. :slight_smile:

In the mean while, DT has lost a fair amount of credibility and customers. It is my oppinion that StickyBrain and CP have taken advantage of the lag time to incorporate some interesting features. DT is losing the customer base. I for one purchased DT for features that were just around the corner in DT Pro. Right now, I’m thinking of switching to a product that at least appears to address my needs with timely upgrades. I still love DT, but there are alot of fish in the sea.

Question is, should DEVONtechnologies make informal, public pre-announcement “deadlines” for product releases, regardless of whether or not they’re able to meet them?

Of course we all know now it’s taking much longer than they expected to release DEVONthink Pro. Seems to me it might have been in the general better interest had nothing been said, especially since this particular deadline has been announced, slipped, and stretched several times. Based only on posts here, it’s created a situation which a few people are expressing some “bitterness” towards when, maybe, they’d have still been feeling a “disappointed anticipation” had nothing been pre-announced. Sort of like “we’ve waited long enough (dammit!)” rather than “we’ll just keep waiting (sigh!)”.

Under the circumstances, I can imagine how some people might feel that DT is “toying with their patience” although I certainly have none of that feeling myself.

Well, I’ve been using DT PE for a few months now and I love the program. It’s doing things for me that no other program can do, period. I’m slapping stuff into it like crazy, capturing info that previously I wanted to containerize but wasn’t really sure what to do with it. Using DA in tandem with DT is simply awesome and has altered the way I do my research. I, for one, agree with the poster who said they’d rather have a fully stable and trustworthy DT Pro than have to risk my data. So, as much as I’d like to have the additional features, I’m willing to wait.

Just my $0.02

Same here. I’m really happy with DT PE, and occasionally even use DA. I’m looking forward to testing DT Pro, but am not too anxious about it.

However, I have to say that when I first started looking at Devon, they had infos on the website stating that DT Pro was supposed to arrive “this autumn” or, later, “before the end of the year”. That was 2003.

So now, to me, DT Pro is almost 1.5 years behind schedule, and frankly I’m beginning to wonder what the “dreaming” technology promised for DT Enterprise Edition exactly is, and if it is not somehow closely related to the Devon developers’ (or is it developer’s) working methodology. :slight_smile:

No, we shouldn’t. And we won’t do this any more. We have learned from this debacle and you’ll not hear any more predictions on our release date from us any more 8)

In the last one and a half years we have constantly improved both DEVONthink Personal and Pro (!). We got literally thousands of feature requests and tried our best to meet all the various requirements. In fact, more that 50 percent of all features that were originally planned for DT Pro are now already present in today’s DT Personal. So, it’s not entierly true that DT Pro is overdue – just about half of it is :wink:

So, what made us miss our own deadline? Two factors.

(1) We’re a small Mac-only software company with limited resources. But, you can see it on our homepage, we’re hiring an additional developer who will assist us.
(2) DT is such an “open range” that people use it in maybe a hundred different ways. We have to take care of that. DT today is hundreds of miles away from where it was originally planned to be.

As already communicated on our website and via our PR, we’ll now have no more big releases of DEVONthink, DEVONagent and DEVONnote until DEVONthink Professional is ready for public beta. Of course, we’ll have minor updates, but most of them contain only features or bug fixes derived from the DEVONthink Pro development.

As promised, no release date for DT Pro here. We just keep working our 12 hours a day to get it ready for public beta status.

All the best,