DT Pro stealing focus

Devonthink Pro is great software which I use every day. My one problem with it is its “bad manners”. Specifically, when it starts up and whenever documents get scanned (which is sent directly to DT Pro) or are otherwise automatically sent to it (incoming email attachments etc), it steals the focus from whatever I’m doing at that moment in any other application by throwing up a dialog box on the screen about what to do next with the scanned document, interrupting my thought process and workflow.

I’ve been putting up with this for the year or so I’ve been using it. However, I wondered whether anyone knows any terminal command(s) I can use to force DT Pro to stop doing this. I cannot locate anything in DT Pro’s preferences that deals with this. Thanks in advance.

Ken Cohen

How do you exactly do this, e.g. via an Automator workflow or AppleScript?

Just disable Preferences > OCR > Searchable PDF > Enter metadata after text recognition.

In Microsoft Entourage 2008, I can send attachments from incoming mail directly to the DT global inbox with a rule - its rule set is one of its best capaibilities. Apple Mail (10.6) could probably do this as well using an Applescript but I’m not very good at Applescripting so haven’t tried. Postbox, which I’ve tried out pretty extensively, has a skimpy set of filters for rules and so cannot do this.

Thanks for the tip about disabling the OCR metadata preference. That works for part of the problem. In reviewing the problem again, I now think the rest of this beyond the metadata dialog is actually coming from the Scansnap scanning manager rather than from DT, it steals the focus and puts up two separate dialogs on the screen during the scan process. So I’ll have to see whether I can do something about that application.

I believe that if you set ScanSnap to save to a specific folder, one of the dialogs will go away. If you don’t set it to OCR material another will go away.

Over here, I scan stacks of documents to a folder just to get the material scanned and off my desk and not spend time fussing with it. This way I have no dialogs coming at me from ScanSnap, DTPO or anywhere. Later, when I have time, I import the stuff in that folder to DTPO and manage the material (rename, tag, OCR, etc.).