DT Pro stubbornly refuses to reload web-archived URL

I’ve archived a few pages from a website into DT Pro for offline reading.
Now I noticed that there’s a new version of one of these page available online.
I’ve tried to following to get DT Pro to archive/load or even just display it

  • tell it to “update captured archive” (DTP seems to reload the content from the web, but displays the same old page, different from what I see in Safari next to it)
  • duplicate the web archive, delete original, navigate to URL of updated page (blank display)
  • Load page in Safari > Service menu > Take plain note > open resulting URL in DTP (blank display)
  • Load URL in DevonAgent (new page is displayed) > Add Archive to DevonThink (old page is displayed in DTP).

Am I missing something here? Is it completely unreasonable to expect DT Pro to be able to archive or even just display two versions of the same URL?!

If you are storing a web site that will update often, there’s little reason to save it as a web archive. Save the URL and DTP will give you the fresh data, every time.

Offline reading would be one reason I’d like to store a web page as archive :slight_smile: