DT Pro stuck with spinning beachball during export to HTML


I am facing a strange issue and would like to ask for your help.

During export to HTML of my DT Pro database the application stops responding for hours. I have to force stop it.

Console.log shows this:

2005-06-25 20:25:29.910 DEVONthink Pro[23825] .scriptSuite warning for attribute ‘selectedText’ of class ‘ThinkWindow’ in suite ‘DEVONthink Pro’: ‘NSTextSuite.NSSubTextStorage’ is not a valid type name.

Other then that nothing in console.log or system.log. I am not sure that this is related to the export.

No DT related log file in /Library/Logs or ~/Library/Logs. No message from DT except the spinning beachball.

I traced it down to a folder with some ascii documents in it. When I remove this folder then exporting the database (approx. 500 MB & 300 documents) takes a minute or so.

The offending folder holds 85 ascii documents, some up to a size of 2 MB. Nothing strange. When I try to export only this folder then I DT gets locked and show the spinning beachball. In DT I can open all files in that folder with SubEthaEdit without a problem. I haven’t traced it down to an individual file or group of files.

Has anybody seen similar behavior?