DT Pro Template?

Forgive me if this has been posted before. I searched, but I couldn’t find anything.

I use DevonThink Pro for storyline development for teleplays and screenplays. I’d like to have the ability to set up a database with all my required folders and records and use it whenever I want to create a new storyline. But in order for me to do that, I basically have to start with a blank slate and built my DT database from scratch everytime I want to start fresh.

Is it possible to set up a template? The way I have the database set up is pretty complicated to have to set it up everytime I want to work on a new storyline.

Thank you!

Sure. Just set up a database with the empty group organization you normally use.

Then in the Finder make a copy of it for each new project, naming it (using Command-I in the Finder) appropriately.

If you are sometimes absent-minded like me, you might want to use Command-I > General to lock the master copy, so that you won’t overwrite your model database. That will remind you, when you try to enter information, to stop, go back and work with an unlocked copy.

Then either double-click your new project database from the Finder, or in DT Pro select File > Open Database and navigate to and choose it. You are good to go.

Hi, Tobsterius,

Your use of DT Pro sounds intriguing. Could you explain a bit more about how you have it set up?

I’m working on a long, involved novel that’s threatening to consume me. DT Pro has been great for holding research, but I haven’t used it for much beyond that.

(Not asking for secrets, just a general idea of how you are using DT Pro for your work.)

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Actually I think thats what DT Pro was originally designed for. I think you can simply break up the novel into folders(beginning middle and end) or even by chapters.

For me, I don’t use DevonThink for the actual writing. Since DT can’t format the text in the way it needs to be, I use a seperate app like Final Draft or Movie Magic Screenwriter. If any of the DT guys are listening, screenplay formatting and a revision/tracking mode will be a GREAT addition :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

I mostly use DevonThink to work out the general story and characters.

this is my basic outline:

Character Development
—>Backstories (this would contain a folder or RTF file for each character.)
----->Characters(As a record)
The fields in the record can be anything you feel that will help you
develop the characters. Age, sex, job title, family, looks, etc.

Story Development
------>Act 1(these are folders with RTF files)
------>Act 2
------>Act 3

“Hero’s Journey” (A Record)
(If you are familiar with Joseph Cambell’s A Hero With A Thousand faces and The Writers Journey by Chris Volger, this is basically lifted directly from it. If you don’t, both books are great reads. I suggest you pick them up.)

Record Entries For The Hero’s Journey: ->“Oridnary world, call to adventure, refusal of the call, metting with the mentor, crossing the first threshold, tests/allies/enemies, approach to the inmost cave, ordeal, reward, the road back, resurection. Return with the elixir”

The Hero’s Journey stuff is something I learned in college. Some people follow it, some don’t. For me it helps, even if it never makes it into the final draft.

There is a final folder that I use, but you might find it totally useless:

---->Possible Angles
----->The “BIG” Ideas
---->Possible Scenes
------>Act 1
------>Act 2
------>Act 3

And that’s basically it. May seem a bit confusing… but it works for me :slight_smile:

I’m just finished translating an english book and i simply divided each chapter into a file, tagging each with label when i close the editing and added a subfolder for some research i made related to subject.

It worked great.

Thanks! Great ideas.

Now I can’t wait for 2.0 and its multiple databases. (But I guess I’m going to have to.)

I’ve been using Omni Outliner Pro for the outlining part, and it’s been pretting useful, though I can see where DT Pro has some handier aspects.

Good practice to start now.