DT Pro Versus Personal Features

OK, I see the beta DT Pro version has just been released. Having used DT for some time now, but not the Pro version, I’m wondering specifically what the differences are. I know multiple databases can be developed but I’m not sure I need that and, if my understanding is correct, there can only be one open at a time anyway (is that correct?). What I would like to see is a list of all the features in DTPro that we do not currently have in the Personal edition. Can anyone here compile such a list please? Also a technical point. If I download the Pro beta and import my database into it (making about 4 other backups in other places of course), then add content to it and decide I don’t want to spend the extra money on DTPro when the beta expires (although we all know I’ll spend the money) will I still be able to open my now-modified database in DT Personal edition?

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Maybe this can help: devon-technologies.com/produ … arison.php

Thanks, I don’t know how I missed this. I haven’t read it yet, but I know they kept adding Pro features to PE and I wonder if this comparison is still the same. I’ll go check it out.

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Yes, DT PE has gotten so good now that I almost wished it had less features… so I could more easily justify Pro… 8)

I’ve just installed the Pro version, and what I noticed is that it seems to be considerably faster than the Personal edition. I have a database with a folder that contained almost 17000 documents, and Personal would choke on it for good 10 seconds until it would refresh the right pane. That actually made me give up on DT for some time :frowning:
But thePro opens it up ina second or two, so I’m really impressed by the improved performance in that respect.

OK, OK, you talked me into it… downloading Pro beta now… :smiley:

Me too. I made a DVD of my nearly 3 gig database and DTPE. Stuffed the DTPE I left on my PowerBook so it could sit there but not be accessed, then installed DTPro. It seemed to work great, however none of my methods that I normally use to input info from other worked anymore, no folder actions, no services, no save to DEVONthink, nothing worked. Then I made the brilliant discovery (duh) that the program name was appended with the word “Pro” so, of course, none of the scripts without the word Pro in them were going to work. Then I discovered the new scripts that were provided and after 20 minutes or so of reading the “Read Me” and being careful to make certain I put them in the spots where it said to do so I was good to go. BTW, imho there were too many loose scripts (not in folders) provided with DTPro that had no indication in their title of which program they were provided with. So then I spent time making sure all of these were in logical folders because I knew that after a couple of days there would be no way I would remember which program these were for or what these scripts were intended to do. Something that would be really nice is for DTPro to come with an installer for all the scripts (perhaps a script!) and with the scripts either named such that it is obvious which program they are for or arranged in logical folders.

Everything worked and worked great. It seemed much faster than even the newest DTPE, so between that and the fact that I had just spent an hour installing and testing it I realized it would be cheaper for me to whip out the credit card and pay for the upgrade rather than backtracking to the PE version after 30 hours of use, so that’s what I did (although I don’t think I’ve EVER paid for beta software before…fortunately it doesn’t seem like beta quality). I think this is going to be great!

Admit it, basically you’ve simply found your excuse for buying it :wink:


Indeed! Now I’m spending a crapload of time reading these suddenly very active forums.