DT Pro with syncing amongst teams

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I’m trying to find a viable solution for organization amongst my team. I’ve been using DT for quite a number of years, but never the synchronization tools available.

I’m aware of the Server that is available within DT – Available as a Server edition now in v3.

So, I have a few questions I was hoping I could get some answers for.

  1. The web server was split into another paid upgrade version in v3. To my knowledge, it doesn’t offer any capabilities for DT Clients to connect into and synchronize, but only provides a multi-user web interface. So, this would NOT be a viable solution for teams to synchronize their clients to. Is this correct?

  2. If I have a team of users, each with their own separate DT Pro license, and would like to synchronize DT amongst everyone, what would be a viable approach? Would it be possibly to use WebDAV or similar? What happens when two (or more) users are synchronizing at the same time? (e.g. are there any conflicts for each over-writing each others files (race conditions)?)

I was sort of hoping that DT Server could potentially act like a Zotero dataserver with “live” updates for clients that are connected. I wonder if such functionality would be on the roadmap for a future DT Server version?

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To the best of my knowledge, yes.

Yes. It would be worth reading pp. 59-67 of the current DEVONthink Manual.

Resolution of conflicts:

I don’t know whether two devices can access a sync store at exactly the same time, or whether one will, in effect, be put on hold. That is how it works for Bonjour sync, but I can’t say what happens with WebDAV or similar.

@Blanc Thank you for the reply.

The PDF Manual (albeit I’ve been only referring to the internal help at times) has helped. So from the looks of it I shouldn’t have any issues with teams syncing to the single folder via WebDAV.

I imagine there might be a top-level “lock file” created during sync, but unsure. The chances with two syncing at the exact same time I’m sure is very slim.

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