DT Quitting on Startup

Hi all,

DT quits each time I start the application just as it finishes the validation procedure. I tried backing up from an earlier time when everything worked fine, but this did not help. I then tried deleting DT and downloading a copy from the Devontechnologies website, but the problem remains.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to go about fixing this. I really am in need of accessing my research archive and two years work.



Did you restart your machine?

A launch problem can be caused by a bad or corrupted preferences file (~/Library/Preferences/com.devon-technologies.thinkpro2.plist). Rename that file, and attempt to launch DT. Some cosmetic settings will be reverted to the defaults, but your data will still be available.

Start the Console (Applications > Utilities > Console) before you attempt to launch DT, copy any messages related to DT, put them in a zipped text file and open a ticket with DT Support (helpdesk.devontechnologies.com)

Dear korm,

Thanks for your quick response.

Yes I had tried restarting. The problem is that my DT it set to run on startup, and so each time I refreshed, DT would go into a cycle of starting and crashing causing me to force hard shut down the my mac.

I had also tried renaming the com.devon-technologies.thinkpro2.plist file (should have said, sorry) - that seems to open the global inbox, but my databases are still crashing DT.

I am also getting the ‘database is already open’ dialogue for all of my databases and global inbox. I tried renaming my databases and deleting the .lock file, but this does not work either.

Thanks for your help. I will send a helpdesk request as you suggested.


Hi all,

I have now sent two tickets to the helpdesk with no response. Maybe I am being a little impatient, but I think three days waiting for a simple acknowledgement email is a little long. Does anyone know if the helpdesk team is on holiday?

It has been almost 6 days without my PhD research database now. I have work to be doing. It is slowly dawning on me that I will have to reluctantly extract all of my documents, and reorganise them with an alternative program.

Shame. An expensive shame.

In addition, I have been singing the praises of DT to my colleagues and fellow PhD students. Of course, that is easy to do when it works. But now it is embarrassing to have to tell people that it no longer works.