DT reloads the page before clipping

I am trying to clip a web page with a DT Chrome extension and save it as web-archive. Unfortunately, the page uses the pop up ad element that pops up every time the web page is reloaded. And it greys out everything else on the page until you click an X on the pop up and close it.
So when i clip this page, DT reloads the page first and then clips it. So i end up with web archive that have this ad element in front and everything else greyed out. So first it messes the preview of this web archive. Second, every time i open this archive, i have to close the ad and only then proceed to the actual page.
Can i fix this annoyance?

Browser extensions can’t send rendered web pages to DEVONthink due to their limitations, therefore DEVONthink has to download & render the web page on its own.

Possible workarounds:

  1. Print the web page to DEVONthink
  2. Use Safari to save the web page as a web archive to the global inbox
  3. Use DEVONagent Pro to add the rendered web page in any desired format
  4. Add a bookmark to DEVONthink, then use Data > Capture

Last two options (3 and 4) worked just fine for me.

Thank you!