DT RTF editbox - sticky hyperlinks

When I paste a hyperlink into DT it becomes linked, which is OK, but when I then press space and continue writing, it is still hyperlinked - when I press enter several times, and paste in a blog of unrelated text, all that text is hyperlinked. And there doesn’t seem to be any easy way of turning it off - pasting with current style doesn’t work, since current style is “hyperlinked”. I have run into this several times now. Your hyperlink engine should stop linking at space, and at least at .

Just tried this: Copied the URL of this thread, pasted it into a rich text document, pressed space, continued to write but everything’s fine.

Where did you copy the link? Do you use spell checking?

I’m running DT Pro Office 1.5.1 under Leopard 10.5.2. Just tried pasting several links into a rich text note, and also tried creating links at the end of an existing line of text. No problems with “sticky” hyperlinks. Typing new text at the end of the link string didn’t extend the link behavior.

That was a problem in older versions of DEVONthink apps, though. Which is why I had developed the habit of adding an additional space, then backing up one space before pasting in a link.

I tried it with an internal link (cm-opt-dragging a file from the list into a rtf-text). If I place the cursor behind the created link and type it works fine only if I do it immediately after inserting the link (that’s an improvement). If I try it “later” (after being elsewhere in the text) it is still the old behaviour extending the link-underline formating.

Another Problem that still exists: When I cm-opt-drag a file into an rtf-text I have to place the cursor to the intended place bevor starting to drag. Otherwise the link will go to to the beginning oft the text (if no cursor is set) or to the cursors place. That’s very counter-intuitiv and time consuming.

(DTP 1.5.1 under 10.5.2)


Why is that counter-intuitive? If I want to drag something into a rich text file, shouldn’t I know where I wish to place it? It seems intuitive to place the cursor at the intended destination. Then I can drop the object or link anywhere in a blank area of the rich text document and placement will be accurate. I’ve gotten pretty good in doing that in DEVONthink, including dropping URLs or text blocks, but not as successfully in many other Mac apps.

If I’ve placed the dragged object incorrectly (or if a link has become “sticky”) I can simply select the object or link, Cut it, then Paste it where it should be.

Never assume that there aren’t variations in the UI of Mac applications. Apple’s Pro line of applications generally use keyboard commands that are totally foreign to the “standard” Mac UI conventions.

Try dragging a Finder file into Pages. Nothing happens.

Try dragging a Finder file into any area of the text in a TextEdit document (regardless of the prior cursor location). An icon appears at the drop location and the file is copied into the document.

Try dragging a Finder file into any area of the text in a rich text DEVONthink note (regardless of the prior cursor location). An icon appears at the drop location and the file is copied into the document. Just like TextEdit.

The same is true for TextEdit and DEVONthink (and Pages) if one drags a text selection or URL into any arbitrary location within existing text.

DEVONthink introduces a different drag & drop convention if the Command and Option keys are held down during the drag of a file from the Finder into the document. Instead of copying the file into the document, a text hyperlink to the file is created in the document. And the drop can be only to a prior cursor position, not to any arbitrary location within the existing text. I’ve noticed that it’s easier to drag URLs, text and images into a blank spot of a DEVONthink rich text window and have the material “fly” to a previously set cursor position than it is in other applications, such as Mail.

Because I know where I want to put the new stuff, I want it to be dropped there, where I’ve placed the cursor. I get irritated by Mac applications that don’t behave in that way. They seem counter-intuitive to me. :slight_smile:

Because dragging & dropping is often imprecise and the cursor may jump around during the drag (especially in Mail and some other apps), I usually prefer copying stuff to be inserted into the clipboard and then pasting it at the cursor location – also avoiding the inconvenience of having two application windows so overlaid that the drag & drop from one window to the other is possible.

Drag & drop fans can feel free to regard me as a nut. I probably am. :slight_smile:

Hi Bill,

glad to see you out of custody again :wink:

on topic:

Of course. That’s why I drag it to the intended place, but DTP puts it elsewhere. If you simply drag (without cmd-opt) DTP copies the text to where I drag. Why does it behave differently when making a link? That’s inconsistent, isn’t it?

If I want to drag several links to different places this means a lot of clicking and mouse movinging.

That’s definitely not intuitive :wink:

If I cmd-opt-drag from the finder DTP places the link where I drag it. So DTP handles cmd-opt-drag differently when dragging within. That’s inconsistent again, isn’t it?

Are you sure? I just tried it. As written above, when cmd-opt-dragging from the finder DTP places the link at any arbitrary location. Only when dragging within DTP it goes only to the prior cursor position (or to the top if there is no cursor position)

So this calls for an option in the preferences.
But I still feel, that DTP is not consistent in its behavior. And at least if there is no cursor position it should go to the place I drag to.