DT, Scansnap and equations

Hi everyone,

I’ve been happily using DT Pro for quite a while now and, being a research scientist, find it invaluable to store material relevant to different projects I have running.

I’m now at the point where I would like to digitize my large pile of papers (i.e. before pdf) and get rid of the paper copies.

I’m thinking of getting a Scansnap, knowing how well it works with DT. BUT, and here’s the catch, does anyone have experience scanning papers that contain many equations (some quite complex)? Does the Scansnap perform well and does DT pick up on these? Or is there a better way of digitizing these?

Many thanks,


DTPO and the Scansnap OCR text, and put them in a background layer of the PDF. The scanned image is on top, so you’ll see that. It does not attempt to take the OCRed text and create a RTF, Word or other document from them.

As such, it will display complex equations just fine. It will try to OCR them, so you might get the ability to search for words in them, but I wouldn’t count on it. Likewise, copy and pasting the equations is unlikely to work.

I scan in handwritten notes all the time, and DT tries to OCR them and ends up with gobbledygook. But the original PDF image is there so it renders just fine. As alanshutko said, you’ll be able to view the equations, but likely not copy/search (though you will be able to for the text portions of the document).