DT Scripts are crashing the automator

I have struggled to run some of DT scripts to index my files using the automator; they keep on crashing the automator.
[b]- Add Items to Current Group

  • Set the current group[/b]

I have tried reinstalling DT, & cleaning my catch files. None of them work. Any suggestion?

Which versions of DEVONthink and of Mac OS X are you using? The latest ones (2.7.2 and 10.9.1)? Or could you please send the crash logs to our support address? Thanks in advance!

Yes, I am using the latest versions. But, I had the same issues with the previous version (2.5.2 was the last problem-free version I had). Can I post the log here?

I’ve just checked these actions on Mavericks and they’re working as expected. But I’d suggest to open a support ticket, crash logs are way too long for the forum.