DT Server - no graphics?

When running the DEVONThink server, graphics on the pages don’t display on a remote browser that is connected to the server. When I run a browser on the same machine the DT server is running, all graphics on the pages show just fine.

What am I missing?

Which browser(s)?

ahw, sorry for got to mention that. I tested Safari 7.0 only. DT is at 2.7.1

If the images are showing up on one machine then it’s not likely a DEVONthink issue. Unless you have checked Disable Images from the Develop Menu (possible, but not likely), the first step would be to Reset Safari on the machine that’s not seeing the images (throw in a reboot too). If still no joy you’ll probably have to work through your Safari settings to see what’s different between the machines.

Hmm, I tested with Firefox and see the same issue on the remote machine. However, retesting on the local with Safari I no longer see graphics. Thinking there might be a configuration issue of sorts on the server machine (it doesn’t have much men), I went on to test on a second machine (with 16G and at least 12G free) with the exact same results: Safari nor Firefox show graphics on the server or remote machines.

Installed the latest DT 2.7.2 and reset server. Same result.

Tested this over here (with just Safari 7). I’m getting the images on the remote machine, but with 2.7.2 (don’t have 2.7.1 any more) the server is loading painfully slow on both my LAN and – especially – remote. Is the loading slow for you?

No it is not “painfully slow” i.e., pages seem to build within a fraction of a second (I see them building but it goes quickly). Just no pix, local nor remote.

Unfortunately, I seem to have a similar, related issue. When I log on remotely, I get the following message:

“If loading does not start automatically
in a few seconds, please switch on JavaScript.
Alternatively use the search-only interface.”

However, using both Chrome and Safari produce the same results. Checked and both have javascript enabled. Server was working fine until two days ago.

If I use the search interface, it seems to bypass the security logon.

We are looking into this issue at the moment, I will update you once we have a solution.