DT Sorter on Multiple Displays

I’ve noticed a problem with DT Sorter when running on a Mac with multiple displays.

Specifically, the DT sorter “tab” sometimes parks itself at the “join” between the two displays. For example, if I have display A on the left and B on the right, so that the RIGHT edge of A is joined to the LEFT edge of B (forming a seamless desktop at the join), then sometimes DT Sorter parks itself at that join.

This is a big problem, because the main window of DT Sorter, though invisible, is still present in-screen and gets pushed into the screen area on the other display. Continuing my example, if Sorter parks itself not he far left of display B (the right display), with it’s small tab showing on the far left of display B, then it will project its hidden (transparent) window into the display area on the right of display A.

This creates a VERY bizarre effect, as clicking in this area on display A does nothing, even when another application window is present in this area, as the Sorter window is over the top of this window (though hidden) and absorbs all the mouse clicks, effectively making a big area of display A “dead” to mouse interaction with applications.


Hi Tim

Thanks for the information, we are currently investigating this issue. Are you running on Lion or Snow Leopard?


I’ve seen the behavior on both Snow Leopard ( 10.6.8 ) and Lion (10.7.1) on separate laptops (same basic setup, laptop plus external second display).

One thing that I suspect makes it worse is that the laptop and external displays have different resolutions. So, at the vertical “seam” where the screens join there is a discontinuity (one display is taller than the other). I’ve watched Sorter do it’s little “dash” across the screen when the second display is connected but then get stuck in the middle because it bumps up against the bit where the seam doesnt vertically overlap between the displays.