DT Sorter Panel

Is there some way to reposition the DT Sorter drawer on the right side of the screen? I have 2 HD Cinema Displays on my desk: the DT menubar is on the right-side monitor and the DT Sorter drawer defaults to the left side of the left-side monitor which makes it somewhat out of reach.

In my setup there’s somewhere around 40" between opposite screen edges…

If the DT Sorter drawer could at least be pinned to the right side of the monitor, it would then also default to the right-side monitor…


PS: At first, I noticed the Sorter on my 15" MacBook, but couldn’t find where it was on my dual monitor set up. It was there indeed, but it was just sooooo far away, eheh. :mrgreen:

I asked the same question but in my case it’s going to the right side of dual monitors (menu bar on the left).
This was the DT support answer: