DT synchronise.

I’ve just written to the Forum about my DT Personal not opening. This is on my iMac. I also have DT Personal on my Macbook, so having had the problem I’m wondering if there is a way I can get the files on both my computers to be the same as at the moment I have different information on each computer.

I do use Evernote and Dropbox, but I bought DT so I could keep information which i didn’t want to go out into cyberspace.

How do other people manage their information between two computers?


Right now the best approach is to copy the complete & closed database from one computer to the other. But we’re working on synchronization via LAN, WLAN, WebDAV, Dropbox etc., see viewtopic.php?f=5&t=12769&p=61064#p61064.

Won’t that just replace the files from one DT on the other, rather than pick out the missing bits.


Yes, therefore the database should be copied before using it on another computer right now.

I suppose I’d better wait until you get synchronise working as I want all my stored information to be the same on both my computers. Will this be in the near future do you think? I think everyone would really appreciate this.


Hopefully rather sooner than later but it won’t be part of the next release yet.

I would just like to add my vote to having some kind of synchronisation between computers.

In fact, what I was looking for was whether it was possible to have just one file or folder to be synched between two computers (via a dropbox folder, for instance). I hoped that it might be possible to set up the sync folder in this way but I guess not (at least I can’t find anything obvious that allows me to).

Does anybody have any ideas how I might be able to share/sync a single folder or document so that I can continue working on it at home, then return to the office, sync up and carry on working on it?