DT to go 2 - question about interface - multi-file display


I am wondering about the interface of DT to go 2, and it seems I am just overlooking something.
neither via use nor in documentation can I find a way to display thumbs of multiple files at once. the only view I can get to is seeing one document at a time in the main pane, and a list of documents in the ‘sideboard’.

I always felt this is rather strange. but now I have seen official screenshots that actually show that DT to go 2 does display multiple documents in a thumbnail view. (see e.g. screenshot from appstore).

… there is just no possible way I ever get to this kind of display, trying all the ways on my ipad…

can someone tell me why I am not finding any way to get to this kind of multi-file display?
it would be really useful (and also kill all my remaining longings for notebook apps along the line of evernote… ;-]

thx for any hints + help!

Sure there is… or there’d be no screenshots :mrgreen:

Tap the number at the right side, not the name of the group.