DT to go, DT3, notes and highlights

So as a long time DT user, I must confess to being confused. I’ve recently started using DT to go, and so far it’s been great. However, I’ve been reading a lot on these forums about people making highlights and notes on pdfs in DT to go and saving them in Markdown format. But for me, this just isn’t working.

I know I can use Tools → Summarize Highlights → As Markdown in DT3, but this seems not to always (often) work, especially with highlights made on pdfs within DT to go and synched.

I also don’t see any way to save the notes I make on the pdf, these never seem to get saved.

So for example, I have a pdf that was annotated using DT to go on my iPad and synched. I can see all the highlights in the document itself when viewing it using DT3 on my desktop. If I use the inspector and click on the document icon in the middle of the top of the inspector pane and click on the Annotations button I can see all the highlights. If I click on “Reminders Annotations”, I don’t see any annotations (which worries me). If I click on Tools → Summarize → Markdown, nothing happens making me think that DT3 thinks there are no highlights even though they appear on the pdf.

I’m missing something basic here, but can’t see it at all. This would really help the way I work and integrate DT (in both it’s incarnations) into my daily workflow, but after a week of trying (on and off) I can’t make it work.

What I would like is to be able to to annotate and highlight a pdf using DT to go and have some way of exporting those to a Markdown document.



So the PDF annotations are there.

„Summarize highlights“ doesn’t notify you when it finished. In the PDF‘s group look for a new markdown record. If you can’t find it use a „last added“ Smart Group. Not sure if there’s one created if your PDF really got no annotations.

Hi Pete,

Thanks for the quick reply.

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You‘re looking at the wrong inspector tab, I think (I‘m away from keyboard). Go thru all inspector tabs, the one you’re looking for is the one which also shows all pages of a PDF. The sub tab to its left shows PDF annotations.

The highlights on the pdf in the image were made using DTTG in a database that is synched to my desktop. In DT3 you can see the highlights there, and they appear in the inspector menu. If I use “Summarize Highlights” as a Markdown document, no markdown document is produced.

The Content of both highlights merely says Adrian. It does not contain the content of the highlights.

Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket and please attach this PDF. Thanks.