DT User > 1 year, but See Also & Classify just changed my li

I just can’t believe how wonderfully accurate, fun, and time-saving See Also & Classify is.

My workflow improved dramatically: I used to have over-stuffed inboxes (“I’ll get to that later”) but now putting inbox material in the right place is SO fast and SO accurate that I LIKE to do it.

This feature, I think, should get more marketing airplay from you guys!



p.s. I ended up finally discovering it via “Take Control of / Getting Started with DEVONthink 2.”

Thanks for the nice feedback! Actually this feature depends heavily on an organized database (especially many and nested groups), therefore the mileage may vary.

Christian, are you referring to “Classify” only? I perfectly understand why a deep folder structure would improve “classify” but do not see how it would (should) pertain to “See Also.”

Also, I would like to ask whether mixing subfolders and single files in the same folder tends to diminish the effectiveness of these algorithms. This was recently suggested on this forum by Greg_Jones.

Thank you for the clarifications.

For best results, it’s not recommended to mix them. However, the impact is usually minor.