DT: Visualize items with no contents in the item lists


it would be nice with a preference to visualize empty items :slight_smile:

Like in newsgroups and emails people add “NT” behind posts or mails with no text, to indicate you don’t have to open it, there is no content except the title

I don’t know about you other guys but i actually have a lot of empty items, just the title is often enough information

Would be awesome if DT could somehow indicate this, perhaps a preference where you couldtype in yourself what to add to empty posts (some maybe prefer their own language)

You can add (View > Columns) a column that displays Word Count – which will be zero for empty documents. That column is also sortable by Word Count, so you can quickly display those documents with zero content.

You could “mark” documents for future text addition by a keyword in the Info Panel’s Comment field, or by marking selected document(s) with a chosen Label and/or State designation. Note that Label and State are searchable characteristics in Tools > Search. So it would be easy to identify those documents for which future editing is planned.

hey, thanks pretty smart workarounds, but not what i had in mind, i’m not looking for empty ones, i just want to KNOW items are empty so i don’t waste time opening them :slight_smile:

there is no future editing to be done on them. i’d just like to know from a title that there is no contents, the title itself is the information

but word count column was a nice tip!! could use that, thanks :smiley:

(like in the good oldskool days, before eternal september, when people had real internet skills. it was customary to add NT behind empty emails so you knew there was no point in opening it, the subject was the information)

I’d like to second that suggestion. Coming from OmniOutliner I miss the indication, whether there is a note or nothing. I would suggest to use the icon for visualization. instead of the plain text or rtf icon (with lines and picture) I would simply use an empty Icon. (perhaps some of the coming versions has space for the two lines of code in the save routine :wink: )


What if the title was green? A nice option.