DT WEB Server - one day Yojimbo/Webjimbo functionality avail

I have tested the WEB-Server some weeks ago and it worked for me as given… Getting out data from DT.

We are starting soon with some people collecting together the data for our village chronicle.
It would be great if people from outside could reach a individual DT database, view the DT Gui in the WEB Browser, operate it and also upload/download data from this chronicale data base (Multi User functionality). Yeah, I´m familar with Filemaker, VPN connections, Filemaker Runtime Version creation, etc., etc., however DT would be perfect for it - even if I would have to pay another 50-100 Euros for this.
Name it then “DEVONthink Pro Office Workgroup”.

Some plans for this functionality in the future?

By the way - Yojimbo/Webjimbo does this job (basically), but DT would be definetely my famous solution.