DT will not import empty finder folders

If I try to import a folder (Call it “Folder Z”) that contains only other folders (and no files, links, aliases, etc.), Folder Z and its contents will not import.

Is this a bug?

This is kind of a big problem for me as I have used the Finder to create large outlines, using only folders titles as entries in the outlines. I’d like to import these folders into DT.




you can change the preferences: Import-tab, General, folder and groups: uncheck the optimized hierarchy, then all folders should import as groups.


Nope. Doesn’t work. I have them set as you suggest. Folders with nothing or just folders inside of them don’t import. Try it.


DEVONthink does not import (and never did) empty folders but version 1.9.1 will import empty folders if the “Optimized Hierarchy” option is disabled.

So, the current version, 1.90, is soon to be replaced with 1.91?


Thanks, guys.


Yes, v1.9.1 will be basically a maintenance release to fix known issues.