DT2 and DT3: fail to capture websites which use 302 HTTP redirection

There is a longstanding problem with capturing websites (as markdown) that use 302 HTTP redirection with all versions of DT/DT2G. Instead of following the redirect as intended and downloading the actual article DT instead captures an empty document with the HTTP error. You should be able to reproduce this annoying bug e. g. by trying to capture any article published via Medium under a custom domain such as https://productcoalition.com/12-behavioural-data-types-for-product-management-6dc85d141f7d. There are lots of these out there. :-/

Thank you for the report. We’re aware of the problem but, as you might have presumed, our priorities in the recent months have been on finalizing DEVONthink 3. We will address this problem when we start working on the backend side of the declutterer again.

Thanks. I hope this will happen really soon as this bug has a considerable impact on my daily workflow as I tend to capture quite a lot from these sources these days. On OS X I can at least work around it by using NValt to capture the website and import the file back into DT. On iOS though there is no substitute which really makes it a pain in the ass.

Using 3.0.3 here and this still happens.
Any chance it will be fixed soon?

“soon” is a very subjective adverb.



And irony a sad and unlucky answer.

Well, and honestly, the last eighteen months have been a marathon for us as you might have guessed. We are now finally able to return to working on things other than DEVONthink 3, the website, the backend services. So, yes, it’s not forgotten but as a small company like ours we have to prioritize I’m afraid.

I read you and beg you to believe I know how pressuring the work is.
I was just asking for an update on that one.

Advice (take it as you want): Maybe a trello public roadmap would allow people to monitor progess on tickets they have stake at. Many software companies do so and thus avoid people pinging them back.

Kind regards and kudos for this year’s accomplishments.

Actually, we have opted against it because people become really … moody … when you miss any ever so fuzzy deadline by just a day :slightly_smiling_face:

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Check that one: https://trello.com/b/fg4W01AX/holaspirit-roadmap

No deadline, just a “kanban pipeline”.

“Feature X is now on your list for three months. Any chance you could finally fix it? Come on.”

I can see your point but we have opted against a public timeline. We have our own prioritization that we don’t share unless we choose to do so. And there are always reasons for why we fix bug X now and don’t implement feature Y yet.


We have just updated our decluttering service and it should now better handle 302 redirections.