DT3.0.1 no longer enters newly-created folder into <right click> recent lists


(1) Create a folder
(2) Attempt to move an item from inbox by:
(i) select item
(ii) right-click to bring up menu options
(iii) examine Move To, Duplicate To, Replicate To, Add To to find the folder you just created
(iv) …but you won’t find it

Being able to create a folder and then quickly right-click to move some stuff into it was a handy thing in DT2. But no longer a part of DT3, apparently.


(iv) …but you won’t find it
But no longer a part of DT3, apparently.

This is what I’m seeing when creating a new group in the item list.

How did you create the group? Via the contextual menu of the sidebar? This will be fixed by the next maintenance release.

Hey, this just got a little bit more interesting.

OK, I just tried right-click New / Group in the same inbox folder contains some other items. I then successfully did right-click / Move To… and saw that under Recent Destinations was listed the name of the folder I had just created.

I moved over to the sidebar, did right-click New / Group, created a folder in an existing database. Then went back to the inbox folder, did right-click New / Group and Recent Destinations continued to list the folder I had established in the prior paragraph but did not include the folder I just made in this paragraph.

Thanks for the quick responses!


I think this is what Criss is referring to as being addressed for the next release :slight_smile: