DT3.0.1 tool tips are frequently (always?) partly obscured by pointer

(1) Hover the pointer over an icon that has a tool tip associated with it
(2) Notice that the tool tip is partly obscured by the pointer
(3) Ask yourself whether you are satisfied with this behavior


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Yes. Yes, I am satisfied with the behavior. Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

A screen capture would likely be helpful.

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Where and when tooltips are displayed is controlled by macOS.

Is your mouse cursor larger than default?

Dear @Bluefrog – I apologize for my snippiness. My item (3) was uncalled for. Sorry.

Dear @cgrunenberg – I was afraid you’d say that. :frowning:

I just tried taking a screenshot and – so funny! – it shows the tool tip but does not show the pointer.

If you look at the Synchonrize… tooltip at the top, you won’t see any pointer at all. (Again, not showing up in the screenshot.) Imagine the tip of the pointer located in the middle of the icon, right where the cloud’s arrow is anchored. The tail of the pointer extends downwards and to the right, obscuring the “Sy” of Synchronize.

To @RobH’s point, maybe that is indeed an issue. I noticed while typing in this forum reply window that if I hover the pointer over one of the formatting controls, a tooltip pops up… and my pointer is obscuring part of the tooltip!

Hard for me to continue to think that this behavior is tied to DT when in the middle of typing this reply I discover the same behavior in a Safari-based DT forum window.

So I have to retract my implicit claim that this behavior is unique to DT3.0.1. At least in my case, it’s a more general issue. And I will follow up on @RobH’s implicit suggestion that I am operating with a non-default pointer, resulting in this tooltip overlap.

Thank you to @Bluefrog, @cgrunenberg and @RobH for your help.


No worries and no snippiness detected. And hopefully you read my response in a light-hearted fashion too.
There’s enough sniping and arguing in the world (and online), so we try to keep things light and friendly in here, as much as possible.
And yes, emojis are a poor substitute for seeing someone smile in a friendly way as they type their response, but it hopefully imparts the intention to some degree.

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You might want to check System Preferences > Accessibility > Display. See if “cursor size” is set to anything larger than “normal”.


@BLUEFROG - glad all is well between us. I am sometimes tone-deaf, and my wife likes to remind me that people should get 20 minutes of praise before they get a few minutes of “critical feedback”. And, in my case, I just popped up with bug report after bug report before it ever occurred to me to even mention how much I like DT. I don’t even know how long I’ve been using DT… is 11 years conceivable?

Also, having reported these little bugs and gotten such fast and useful responses, I’m really quite thrilled. So many organizations simply don’t have a path to report bugs and/or don’t respond and/or don’t are.


is 11 years conceivable?

Indeed it is.

While we are small as a company, we pride ourselves on quality in all phases of our operations: software, sales, and support.

(haha! I’m suddenly writing ad copy on the forums!) :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi, @dansroka,

You da man! First, you nailed it. And second, you went way above and beyond the call of duty (forum membership? fellow user-ship?) by taking the trouble to describe in detail and send me a screenshot of how to get there.

Yup, I’ve got my cursor size cranked mid-way.(*)

So my beef is with Apple.

Thanks for the help!


(*)I even know exactly who the guilty party is who cranked up my cursor size. But I’ll just leave that as a little self-serving, self-protective mystery. (Glurk.)

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@RobH – thank you, too!

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