DT3.0b2: Issue with "create new group" in sidebar

Thanks for the bug report, the next beta will fix this. In the meantime it should work as expected if the enclosing item is expanded before creating the group or if the preference to automatically expand the sidebar is enabled.

Yes. I can confirm, it is now working as expected. Thanks for bugfixing!


I can confirm the same issue in the current version.
I was even renaming my whole database by mistake without really realizing wich item I was renaming because of the huge horizontal list.

Can you reproduce it or do I need to give you (which kind of) details ?


After restarting the program it’s working.
I’ll try to reproduce how I got into this buggy mode.

Screenshots would be great if you’re able to reproduce this - thanks in advance!

I spend 2 hrs reproducing my last activities and finally found the issue.
The problem occurs when you drag a markdown document to the favorites, activate a different folder or document and finally focus back on the new markdown favorite.

After this:

  1. The “goto folder” action will not focus the folder in the sidebar
  2. New folders that you create in the sidebar will not be focussed for instant renaming.

The corresponding log entry is
“Dragging multiple files using the deprecated NSFilenamesPboardType and dragging API. Please update to the NSDraggingSession API.”.

Hope this helps and you can reproduce it.


Thanks for the reproducing this! Could you still please choose Help > Report Bug while pressing the Alt modifier key and send the result to cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies.com - thanks! A screenshot would make it easier to reproduce this too, the first attempt to reproduce this failed. E.g. it depends probably on the view/preview (and maybe inspector) setup.

I don’t have software for blurring my contents. In addition I need to anonymize or cut out some of the log entries as the log file contains older entries as well.

It would take some time to do this but I have some news how reproduce it step by step:


  • I have turned on the option “show inbox in sidebar only”
  • My view is set to show “not only documents” but documents and folders together
  • I am using widescreen and list view together
  1. Take ANY kind of document from the global inbox and drag it to the favorites.
  2. Activate a different database
  3. Click on the favorite. The document is being displayed and the global inbox gets activated / focussed in the left pane
  4. Click on the same favorite item again - you can see the previous mentions focus is moving over to the favorite item
  5. After this the issue comes up until you restart the program

As I am just about to leave home for the rest of the day please let me know if you can reproduce it in the meantime.

V3.0.1 will fix this.

:flushed: wow this was quick

I don’t have software for blurring my contents

You could try Monosnap.

Hi there! I originally reported this bug in May 2019. Now, in June 2020 this thing seems to be back with the new version of Devonthink 3.5.1. And I already made some unpleasant experiences with it. So I accidently renamed a database instead of entering the name of the new group. I thought, I accidently created that database and was going to DELETE it, fortunately I just closed it. Later on I missed a database, but could not find it. Also not in the finder. But the renamed thing there was still there, and it actually was the database I was looking for. I have backups, but nonetheless, this is a nasty bug! Scared and confused me. Please fix it! Thanks.

In the meantime, to all other users: When you add a new group, please check if the focus is correct before you enter the name!

Screenshots of Preferences > General and of the sidebar before/after creating the group would be useful - thanks.


Create New Group before:

Create New Group after:

You can see the New Group which has been created (red rectangle) and the group, where the focus switched to.

I have exactly the same problem.

Which version of macOS and DEVONthink do you use? So far I couldn’t reproduce this using DEVONthink 3.5.1 and macOS 10.15.5 and the same settings.

Mac OS 10.14.6 and, as mentiones, DT 3.5.1. Try to create that new group directly by right click on a database. I can reproduce it easily. But it does not happen every time. Hm… just checked it again. Could be, that it hapoens only with a specific DB.

I’ve been having this same issue intermittently with DT 3.5.1 macOS 10.15.5. Trying to see if I can consistently reproduce… I’ll report back if I can.

Steps to easily reproduce this or a screen recording would be definitely appreciated, thanks.

Useful might be also how the sidebar is sorted (by kind/name or unsorted, see contextual menu).