DT3.0b6 - Safari Extension

Hi, I have just installed DT3.0b6 on a 2011 MacBook Air running OSX 10.13.6 it is all running perfectly with the exception that the Safari extension failed to install.

I also have DT3.0b6 running on a 2018 Mac mini running OSX 10.14.6 and that installed the Safari extension as I expectedt.

I believe that in normal circumstances the clipper for Safari is installed as a matter of course. Could you advise me how to “force” an installation in cases where it is not?


Regards, Keith.

It’s not necessary to install the extension for Safari anymore, it should be available in Preferences > Extensions of Safari. If that’s not the case, does rebooting the system fix this?

No, it wasn’t in Safari preferences, and rebooting also had not worked …

… however, just after I posted my message, I found Apple had released Security Update 2019-004 for High Sierra and once that had installed-rebooted-installed, a pleasant side effect was that the extension was now in the Safari preference options.

So be it technical mischief, or user incompetence, all’s well that end well.

Thanks for the very prompt response.

Regards Keith.

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Not necessary? It seems preferable - if I use the Safari extension, the title-to-be is the title of the web page, but if I use the menubar extra, the title is the title of the last thing I captured.

You only have to enable it in Safari’s preferences.

Oh, I see - you mean it’s not necessary to install it from within DT any more.

But why does the last-used title “stick” in the menu extra method?

If this is consistently reproducible, please provide steps for us to test.

I’m not sure if there are given steps, but the last thing I clipped via the menubar sorter was entitled, “A. J. AYERS PHILOSOPHY AND ITS GREATNESS”. And now, if I visit a web page and click the menubar sorter, the suggested title is still “A. J. AYERS PHILOSOPHY AND ITS GREATNESS” - not the title of the web page.

However, if I delete that text in the sorter’s field, I see the greyed-out “Automatic” in the title field. I click “add”, and the sorter changes to a pane saying “Capture content from…” with three choices - (1) Safari, (2) URL on the clipboard, or (3) “Enter manually”.

I click on “Safari”. The sorter pane changes to the pane with the title and the capture choices, asking how I’d like to capture it, and with the correct tile from the web page. However, after I’ve clicked “Add”, the sorter pane stays open and goes back to the “Capture content from…” choice content (with the same web page title). At this point I think perhaps I haven’t done it properly, so I click “Safari” again … but this cycle never ends, and only when I move away from it do I see by looking in DT3 that I see I have in fact captured the page several times (presumably equal to the times I clicked “Add”).

If I use the Safari extension, however, I get the right title, pre-filled in the field, the capture choices, and after I have clicked “Add”, the sorter disappears and that’s that. It’s in DT3 and I don’t get the impression I haven’t done it.

That’s why I said “preferable” to the Safari extension.

I have been unable to reproduce the your issue. What version of macOS are you using?

It is 10.14.6 (18G87)