DT3.0beta4:copy & paste pages in PDF´s

after upgrading to DT 3 beta4 copy and paste of single / multiple PDF-pages in a document to another document has a bug. The pages are inserted but blank, no text visible.

This is new and worked well in beta 3.

Thanks and very satisfied by the way, you are doing a great job!


Do you copy & paste the pages from one PDF to another? Which version of macOS do you use? A simple test was successful over here.

HI, thanks.
Using macOS Mojave 10.14.5 (18F132).
Copy and pasting a single page works fine for me as well.
I marked 3 pages at the same time in a pdf, cute them and pasted them in another pdf.
There showed up 3 blank pages. I finished devonthink and started again as I thought it might only be a display error, but it
From time to time if I jump from one pdf to another, the screened doc doesn’t change. Restarting DevonThink helps me out here. Maybe that was the reason?


It’s an issue or shortcoming of the PDFkit framework which doesn’t always seem to be compatible to the new background saving of PDF documents introduced by beta 4, the next release will fix this.

Great, thanks.