DT3.3 Merge items

Under Tools, a useful feature is Merge Items. I use Merge regularly. Under System Preferences, Keyboard, App shortcuts, I have created a Keyboard shortcut: shift+Cmd+M.

In DT3.3 when I select two items to merge, the Tools menu description changes to Merge Two Documents. When i select 3 items the Tools menu description changes to Merge Three Documents. The Keyboard shortcut won’t work. What description should I enter into the app shortcuts to overcome this?

I have experimented using DTPO. in System Preferences, Keyboard, App shortcuts, I deleted DT3 and substituted DTPO but the same shortcut: shift+Cmd+M. In DTPO, Merge is under the Data menu. I can select for example 4 items and shift+Cmd+M works, the merged item shown as 4 merged documents.

As far as I know the system preferences support only static titles but the title of this menu item depends on the selection (to make the output more obvious).

So for every number of items to merge I’m either going to have to create a shortcut for each. Or go the long way round via Tools Merge. Seems like a retrograde step for DT3?

Renaming the item to make the output more obvious was actually requested in the past. One workaround might be to use the optional toolbar item instead.

Noted, thank you.

What/where is the optional toolbar item?

See View > Customize Toolbar…

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Ah yes, missed seeing that, thanks.

But the current state of affaris doesn’t solve the issue of wanting a keyboard shortcut to replace the mousing around. :thinking:

I too make frequent use of Merge, and used to be able to do it with a Keyboard Maestro macro which accessed the Merge menu item. Now that the latter is dynamic, the macro doesn’t work. :cry:

I have a similar issue as with Gildor. Is it possible to create an AppleScript, perhaps, to assign to a Keyboard Maestro macro to accomplish this. I’m ignorant as to how to code AppleScript and wonder if anyone could point me in the right direction here. Thanks for whatever help.