DT3.3 workspace

Does a user workspace apply only to the entire database or can it be made group specific?

Also having specified the desired layout and saved the workspace surely that particular workspace should re-appear on selecting if the layout is altered (the saved w/p not updated).

In a new database, I have three folders - let’s say A, B, C - of which A and B are for same type of text content. In one of those folders A or B I have created one saved workspace X. In folder C I have created a different layout that saved workspace Y.

From the database inbox, I select workspace X but instead of it appearing in the inbox it jumps to the group I saved X in. When I go to any of the other folders and select workspace Y it jumps to the folder in which I’d saved workspace Y. However, the layout of the workspace is not exactly as I had saved it.

If as seems to be the case per Help this is deliberate not a bug then each saved workspace would need to be created in the inbox to avoid it jumping to the folder it was created in? Also, each database can have many workspaces but they are not folder specific. In which case if I want to create a workspace for something not common to the content of the other folders then I’d have to create a separate database for each different something?

A workspace remembers only the opened databases, windows and tabs currently.

The current version is 3.0beta3, not 3.3. But some day there will be version 3.3 :slight_smile:

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Workspaces remember window states, so if you’re in a particular group in a window, it will be restored as well. (I do this in a particular workspace.)

If you don’t want to have a particular group selected, use Edit > Deselect All beofre saving the workspace.
You can also update a workspace after deselecting items or making other changes.

Noted, thank you. I have deleted all saved workspaces, re-arranged the workspace for the database inbox and saved it with a new name, M
When I click on a folder and select workspace M, it hasn’t preserved my column widths but extends the first column (Name) and compresses some of the other columns. Also it excludes one of my selected columns and then I reselect it DT won’t let me drag it to where I want it until I’ve juggled it about.

I can’t find Edit>Deselect All on the menu. there is ‘Select All’ and if I do then all are selected but there is no deselect.

Also, is it possible to have a view column autoresize to fit the content? That would save a lot of time.

I can’t find Edit>Deselect All on the menu. there is ‘Select All’ and if I do then all are selected but there is no deselect.

Deselect All is available when there is a selection in the item list.

Development would have to respond on the other issues.

Deselect All is only available on the menu (to me) when I press Shift on the keyboard - and I only discovered that whilst doing a screenshot.

Sorry about that. Yes, the hotkey is Shift-Command-A to deselect but it will only be an active menu item when you have a selection.

I understand.