DT3 - a caution on indexed folders

This has come up a few times in discussion, but I think it needs highlighting. In DT3, changing. moving, deleting items in an indexed folder makes the change in the Finder.

I’ve just spent a happy hour or two rebuilding a Finder folder having forgotten his important point (my fault entirely).

In DT2, the integration went only from Finder to DT, so you couldn’t do what I just did.

So folks - be careful.


On this topic I have a question: what if I no longer want to have a folder indexed? What do I do?

Remove the indexed group, empty the trash and don’t choose the option to delete also files & folders on disk in the alert.

But this works only if the indexed group is not located in another indexed group, in this case the filesystem and DEVONthink are kept in sync.

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