DT3: A question/suggestion on open link in new document window

The current DT3 arrangement of opening an item link in a file (.rtf/.rtfd in my case) is either “open in place” or “open link in new tab” from the contextual menu.
Question: once the linked item is opened in a tab, is there a way to separate the new tab into a new document window? If not…
Suggestion: I hope that the contextual menu will offer an “open in new document window” option.
Reason: for some users (me) opening a link is for the purpose of comparative/reference reading in which is best performed in a side-by-side manner?

Thank you in advance

The contextual menu should also include an item "Open link in ", in case of item links this should be “Open link in DEVONthink 3” and open the document in its own window.

I just checked it once more and now I know I’m asking the wrong question:
For normal item link, “open link in…” is also shown.
For wiki-link (auto link to aliases in my case), only “open in tab” is offered. So, there is no method to open wiki-link link into new document?


For normal links in a document, e.g., a web URL in RTF, I see…

For automatic WikiLinks, I see…

Not a fix, but If you’re not using document tabs, you could disable Preferences > General > Enable tabbed browsing.

Thanks. I tried the suggestion but the wiki-link will still open in place…

Command-clicking should open it in a window if tabbed browsing is disabled, otherwise in a tab.

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Thanks! Obviously, I am not study the help document hard enough!

And Command-Shift-click will open in a new tab and activate the tab.

See Help > Documentation > Appendix > Keyboard Shortcuts > View/Edit pane :slight_smile:

Beta 4 will add a second command to the contextual menu to open the link in a new window.

Thank you for the enhancement.