DT3 - Access rights

I am using a MBPro with 3 users admin/office/home. My DT3 databases are stored in the Shared section.
As user “office” I do duplicate a file (i.e. Numbers table) in a DT3 data base by the shortcut #-D, Then double-click, edit the duplicate and save it.
When I re-open the same data base as user “home” and try to continue to work on my Numbers table I cannot save any changes. When trying to save an error message pops up telling me that I do not have sufficient access rights.
Once I (user “home”) drag the same duplicated table from DT to the desktop edit it there and drag it back into DT everything works fine.
Could you please adjust the handling of access rights in DT3 thus I am not urged to work around the desktop ?

Welcome @joergh

This is not a DEVONtech issue. It is an Apple issue with the permissions in the Shared account (and is well known for being fiddly with permissions).

You could try adjusting the permissions in a Get Info pane in the Finder.

In case that your machine should have multiple volumes, using a dedicated volume and enabling the option to ignore the ownership (see Finder’s Info panel) is much more useful in my experience.

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