DT3 and DTTG global inboxes with different UUIDs

Here’s an oddity: my global inbox has a different UUID on DT3 and DTTG. I’ve read elsewhere on the forums that they should be the same (Trouble getting the inbox uuid programmatically). They sync fine (i.e., they always contain the same files).

Any guesses?

@cgrunenberg could chime in but the Global Inbox is handled differently than other databases.

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The UUID of the global inbox isn’t relevant actually, there’s always only one.

Sorry, could you elaborate?

In my use case, I am generating a url scheme link to the inbox on my desktop and then trying to open that link on iOS—but it fails on iOS, saying Couldn't find item for link.

It doesn’t matter for the sync, the global inbox is always the same and known. Just curious but what’s the purpose of this link?

It’s basically a reminder to clean out the inbox. When there’s items in the inbox, the script on the Mac counts them and sends me a notification that e.g., there are two items in the inbox.

(It’s a little more convoluted than that, but that’s the gist… Trying to train myself into actually cleaning up my inboxes regularly.)

Wouldn’t smart rules on the Mac be an option? Or does cleaning the inbox require interaction?

This is a manual intervention, I’m afraid. The reminder is for me is to go into the inbox and put things where they’re supposed to go.

Why does it need the hardcoded link to the Inbox on the Mac?
Why don’t you hardcode the link to the Global Inbox on the iOS device instead if you want to jump to it?

Ideally, the same notification will open the inbox on both macOS and iOS.

But yes, I think I’ll implement a workaround somehow so that I get one notification on macOS and another on iOS.