DT3 and OCR in comprison to scansnap home

When doing OCR with DT3 the file size is much smaller than when doing it with scansnap home directly. I assume DT3 saves the file in a smaller resolution/quality (that can not be changed as it was possible with DT2).

Is there any advantage of doing OCR with scansnap home (Quality of OCR recognition etc) or would you recommend to do it with DT3 built in engine?

That’s a personal choice. If the quality of DT’s OCR is fine, use it.

Relative to DT, I would use ScanSnap’s OCR if I was running DT Standard (available at public release time), since it doesn’t have OCR built in.

I couldn’t resist and bought DT3 (I’ve been using DT for 14 years now!). I am trying it, using my normal databases. The only glitch so far: the scans imported from ScanSnap are not automatically OCRed, even if I put the proper setting in Preferences (“Convert incoming Scans: To searchable PDF”) and the Primary/Scondary languages.
It’s a bummer for me, because, well, the process is less smooth than before.
Any idea why they’re not OCRed without me manually requesting it?

Thanks for your help,


A bug of the beta, will be fixed by beta 2.

Any recommendation / comparison: is it faster / more reliable / better … to do OCR with scansnap home’s or with DT3’s OCR-engine? What do you recommend? Both is possible, as far as I have understood.

I would say they’re comparable. The major difference is ScanSnap’s can point to several output destinations while DT3’s is obviously for internal use.