DT3: Annotation link back to original file

I’ve never used annotations much before, and I’m now trying them out in DT3. The Help materials state, “The annotation also contains a link back to the original document.” I must be blind, because I can’t find anywhere in the annotation that contains a link back to the original document. Am I overlooking something obvious?

(For background, I’ve gone into the inspector panel, to the Annotations and Reminders tab, and typed some sample text into the Annotations section. That has created an “Annotations” group, containing a Rich Text Document of the same title as the original file. That’s where I’m looking for the link, but it doesn’t seem to contain one)

Hi there, if you just start typing something you’re right you don’t get a link you have to manually add that by selecting add backlink.
If you create that document using New from Template option (the drop down arrow above the white box) you’ll get a back link automatically.

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Ah, thank you! I missed that dropdown arrow. The option to insert a link is there, too.