DT3 app somehow corrupted - advice needed!

Somehow my DT3 app has been corrupted. When I attempt to launch it I see this dialog:

I don’t know what has happened. I don’t know why the dialog says what it does, because the app IS in the ~/Applications folder.

If I download a fresh copy of the app and just replace the old one with the new one, will all my preferences and so forth be unaffected?


Overwriting just the application file will have no ill effect.

How are you launching the app?

It is asking to move to /Applications (in the root folder).
You did mention that the app is in the ~/Applications folder (i.e in your home directory). So I presume there was a reason for installing it there.

I did not say the app is in the ~/Applications folder in the Home directory.

Again: how are you trying to launch the app? From the disk image? If so, that is incorrect. It needs to be installed in the /Applications directory - Shift-Command-A in the Finder.

@BLUEFROG. Just to clarify, I was replying to the OP when I said “you did mention”.

Haha! I see that now. Apologies.

Sorry, that was a mistake. I meant to say that the app was already in the /Applications/DEVONthink 3.app location (not the ‘users’ location).

But I just replaced the app with a copy from last night’s back-up, and all seems well. I don’t know what I thought was going to happen. I panicked.

Thanks @BLUEFROG and @hramakr for replying.

No problem.