DT3: application flashes when browsing images

When browsing through a group of images, selecting the a different image causes the whole application to flash (disappear briefly then reappear). Does this when using arrow keys to navigate, or selecting with pointer. It stops if I convert them to pdfs, but really… not going to do that. Is this a known issue?

This is a macOS Catalina issue with their ImageKit framework. It is under investigation. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

This currently is NOT a problem DTPro2x, so I suspect it isn’t an Apple issue. Do you have a time frame for when this will be fixed? Are we talking days or months? Unfortunately, my primary usage of DT is (and has been for nearly 15years) is project management. DT allows me to gather tons of resources in a DTdb and browse/catalog them for quick reference.

I just upgraded to DT3 a few days ago, and am more or less pleased the new stuff, but if the one feature that I use in 95% of day to day use is busted, the upgrade is completely pointless to me.

If this something that will definitely be fixed in the next few weeks… Cool! No problem. If this is something that will drag into the first of the yea, I’ll just take a refund for purchase. And I will be happy to repurchase once you shake out a few more bugs.


DEVONthink 2.x is not DEVONthink 3, and DEVONthink 3 is not a mere update to 2.

We don’t comment on development timeframes, so i can’t tell you when this may be addressed. Development may chime in with some rough estimate, but I can’t speak on their behalf.

I understand that is probably a significant upgrade, but I am also aware the ability display/browse images without a full application window redraw is obviously possible because it doesn’t happen in DT2 or, well, any other app I have seen. It’s not an “macOS Catalina issue with their ImageKit framework” its an issue with DT3’s implementation. It’s a bug. That’s fine.

It’s all good. DT2 works just fine and has for years. I’ll switch back to it until you get around to fix the bugs in DT3. Thanks.