DT3 article-saving bookmarks on browser favorites bar

Hi DT community,

DevonThink on browser bookmark bar?
How is this Youtuber put 4 different DT bookmarks and save links on the favorites bar? Can you give us step-by-step how-to?

From the 10:40 mark.

First, this video seems to refer to DEVONThink Version 2 (judging from the icon in the dock). We’re at Version 3 for some time now.

Second, from the short moment when the bookmark opened, I could actually glimpse a JavaScript bookmarklet. That’s a tiny (or not so tiny) piece of JavaScript code which you can save as a bookmark and put on your bookmark bar. Clicking on it executes the code. I’m not sure if that was ever a part of DT 2, but I’m pretty sure that it’s not part of DT3. It shouldn’t be too complicated to cobble something together that does what these bookmarklets seem to do.

OTOH: What exactly are you after? There’s already a DT plugin for the major browser that allows clipping web content.

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That is a very old video of DEVONthink 2.x.
And those indeed are bookmarklets, still available here: Handbooks and Extras

I simply tho’t it’d be more flexible that way. I didn’t realize this is old tech. Sorry for the waste of band width.

No worries or waste :slight_smile:
The bookmark lets still work.