DT3 b4, sync with iPad/iPhones

I am running my databases on a MacBook Pro. Sync to iPad and iPhone(s) is done via WebDAV (Nextcloud). All systems on actual OS.

Now I am experiencing some trouble with the sync. From Mac to iPad everything works fine. But some files and folders do not appear on the iPhones. The log says: Datei “585…manifest” der Datenbank “DB-Name” fehlt.

Do you have any idea ?

Is a verification of the sync store (see contextual menu in Preferences > Sync) successful? It’s possible that the sync store is broken. Compared to the limited number of users using NextCloud we’ve received quite a few tickets, maybe this cloud isn’t reliable enough for sync.

Hi, the verification of the syncstore replies: "Fehlerhafte oder noch unvollständige Datenstruktur der Datenbank “DB-Name” " I have deleted the DB from an iPhone and re-synced it. Still the same missing data. What makes me wonder why it works on the iPad but not on the iPhone?

Deleting the database wasn’t necessary actually but emptying the sync store (see contextual menu in Preferences > Sync again) and uploading the database afterwards should fix this.