DT3-B5 Resizing column width bug

Hello DEVONTech,

In the main window, I am unable to resize the column width of the second from the right divider line.

If I switch around the fields, this problem persists (only on the second from right divider). See screenshot.

Edit: I am able to adjust the widths of this column in other databases, but the problem persists in one database.

The resizing is actually handled by macOS. Both the left and right divider of the column aren’t movable? And the setup is identical in other databases?

Please gif recording.
Edit: I am unable to adjust the width of the bar next to the language column. After that, I swap positions (Language with tags), and I am unable to adjust the width of the tags column.


All databases are set up identically.

One thing interesting - the other database I said was fine actually has the same problem, but on the third from right divider.

The separator for a column is the one on the right. The Size column can’t be widened or narrowed.

Ahh ok! That explains it. Seemed strange is all…

It seems not only for the “Size” column but also the “Width x Height” column that can’t adjust the width, which prevents me from viewing this property in the list:

Fixed for the next release.

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