DT3 B6 - RichText Notes

When writing with the RichText Editor I found that if I use Helvetica Neue set to “Light” and then format a word in bold it consistently resets itself to “regular” after I have finished with the bold setting. To go back to the “Light” setting I need to reset it manually.

This same thing also happens with Avenir when I use it’s “Light” setting.

The problem only occurs when using bold.

One more comment . . . a request!

It would be nice if, when in full screen mode, I could push the curser to the top so that the formatting tool bar would come down temporarily.

You have really improved the note taking feature in DT3. It could become my note taking app of choice – especially if DTTG supported more features as well as iPad pencil capability.

Does this also happen in TextEdit? Both TextEdit and DEVONthink use the text engine of macOS.

An amateur troubleshooting + solution but it may work - if you are seeing the same behaviour in Textedit.app, too.
(1) Open “Font Book.app”. Spotlight search is faster. Check if somehow there are multiple copies of the font “Helvetica Neue” installed or some missing font-types within the font. If yes, perhaps it’s easier just by uninstall it and download the font family again.
(2) Short-cut. If you don’t use and want “regular”, just disable the “regular” typeface. Perhaps it will work.

I have the same trouble with both DT3 B6 and TextEdit. AND I discovered I have the same issue in DT Pro 2.11.3

Also, I tried to implement ngan’s solution but I was not allowed to disable Helvetica Neue Regular. I am waiting for your analysis of the problem before I try to delete, find and reinstall the Helvetica font – especially since I have not seen this problem anywhere other than while using DT Pro / DT3.

Are you able to duplicate the issue?

This seems to be a shortcoming or bug of macOS’ text engine. After removing the bold attribute the text engine resets the font to the default style and that’s regular, not light.

My apology.
Helvetica Neue is a font used by other Apple apps on Mojave. So the standard font’s members are protected. Don’t delete Helvetica Neue font family. There are ways in internet mentioning how to disable protected font BUT I DEFINITELY WON’T DO IT to the core typeface, such as Helvetica Neue.

Another work around (I use this method myself)
(1) define your text style/s by giving them a name in font settings. For first time user, this could be a frustrating process because style setting is confusing. See https://support.apple.com/en-gb/guide/textedit/txte2be20f33/mac under topics “Use Styles”. You won’t see those shortcuts before step (2).
(2) goto Mac OS Preference->Keyboard->Shortcuts, and define a key short-cut for each style.
With this setup, at least there is no need to move the mouse around on the format bar, find the right style and reformat the text again.
Step (1)
Choose “Add to Favourites”

Give ur text style a name
Step (2)
The name u enter into the "app Shortcuts->DEVONThink 3.app need to be exactly the same as ur named style

Yeah, this is because Apple treats the bold button not as a toggle for “bold” but as a switch between the Regular and Bold version of the font. (It does the same with the italic button.)

Ngan’s idea of using key commands instead of the buttons is probably your best best.
Another solution would be to find a new, similar font whose Normal style has the thinness you want.

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Yes, I agree. This is something in the mac OS.
If I can navigate my way through ngan’s solution I will try it. Other than than I will stick with the “regular” font. I do a lot of my writing on Word or Pages. Neither of these have this problem.

Thank you all for helping me find my way through this!