[DT3 B6] Save expanded Subgroups

Hello and sorry if this was addressed anywhere else already but if so i did not find anything about it.

So about a week ago i switched from DTPO to DT3B6. Now i have the feeling that, in the database- & groupstructure/ navigation screen on the left, the expanded Subgroups do not seem to be saved when DT3 gets restarted.

I tried to workaround this by creating a workspace. But the expanded groups and subgroups dont seem to be saved in a workspace.

Is there anything i am missing? Is there any option anywhere i just did not find yet?

Thanks for your help in advance =)

Is the option to automatically expand the sidebar enabled (see Preferences > General)? In that case disabling it should fix it.

Ok :exploding_head: sometimes the answer is so easy. I read the preferences like 10 times and just did not see the option :smiley:

But now i have the feeling that sometimes the workspace does not save ALL the expanded Subgroups. Just the one “branch” that contains the selected group when saving the workspace.
I have tested it a few times now; Sometimes the workspace contains ALL the expanded branches, sometimes just the selected one. I follow the same steps and am getting two different results. :man_shrugging:

Workspaces do not (yet) support the expansion, only the opened windows, tabs & databases.

Ok thanks for the info.
Still I just want to leave compliments for this great beta. I am very happy to have found this great tool with this awesome team behind it.


Thank you :slight_smile:

I’m not seeing the expanded state of groups in the Navigate sidebar retained on relaunch.

Automatically expand sidebar is enabled.

And should be disabled.

Another thing i just found that is not retained, this time not even when changing the previewed pdf, is the “zoom” state of the pdf preview. i like to see the the pdfs in original size. but the preview always switches back to “automatic size adjust”.

You can choose the default zoom via Preferences > Media.